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Hey guys first off not all of my posts are showing up here the rest of my blogs can be found here: https://personalityofawriter.blogspot.com/

Ok so I have been asked many times what type of genre I write. It’s really bothering me though because people think writers can only write one genre. I understand there are people like Stephen King who is the king of horror. Alfred Hitchcock the king of suspense, stuff like that but writers don’t have to focus on just one genre. When I tell people that I am just a writer and I write multiple genres, I swear I can hear their jaw hit the floor. I have written things from horror, romance, comedy, heart breaking, etc. I’m not sure if it’s just me not really wanting to be in on genre or if most writers are like this. Maybe it’s just how each creative mind works? I know that if you give five creative minds the same prompt, you will get five different type of stories.

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