the Ink inside the Mind

A book of short stories and poetry

This book contains short stories and poems that will make you laugh, cry, look over your shoulder, make sure your door is locked, and most importantly, open your eyes. From a poem about how hard of a job a TV has to a story with multiple endings. This book contains the author’s personal point of view on things that might make you think twice. It also contains fictional short stories that fall under everything from horror to love. *Warning* I am not responsible for any nightmares, paranoia, or fear of dark rooms you may experience from reading the horror stories.

To purchase the book, first click on the “PayPal Buy Now” and pay as normal. Once the payment is complete, make sure to click “Return to Merchant” button if it doesn’t redirect you back to the website. The buy now buttons will be replaced with two options to download the book. One will be an epub which can be used for kindles or ipads. The other will be a PDF version for computers. Thank you

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