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Gillian Serio: A young writer who discovered her writing ability by accident at age 13, and is here today, sharing her work with the world. She found that not only enjoyed the writing experience but it also helped her overcome personal issues. From creating full books to short one-line poems she has written every kind of genre imaginable. Through it all writing has become a strong, burning passion in this young writer. She received her first copyright at the age of twenty an accomplishment many told her she couldn’t achieve. Over the years personal issues and her homeschooling never stopped her from her dream of writing. Her hard past helped her find comfort in the ability to write. These same issues inspired some of her poetry and short stories. After nine long years of writing, her first book is up for sale.

Personal life

She was born in Milwaukee but grew up in a small town, where she’s spent most of her life.


iforward Wisconsin Online School


The Ink inside the Mind (2019)

The writer is by nature a dreamer— a conscious dreamer.

Carson McCullers

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