I’m back 2.0/Letters

Hey guys, sorry I know I said I was back but then life happened and I got busy. I am honestly back, and to prove it I am going to jump in and pick your brain about something.

Writing letters might seem old to us newer technology people. Yet I still love it. I love writing by hand and getting stationery, everything. I am curious if I am a odd one who likes that or if there are others out there my age who feel the same. I like writing letters by hand just because I find it WAY more personal and you can tell a lot about someone with their hand writing. Now I am not one to talk, I am a writer and yet my hand writing looks like a drunk doctors. (who ever gets an autographed copy of my book will regret it later) Anyways I am just curious if you guys enjoy it, or if it really is about doing things as fast as possible and moving on.

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