A new year

So comes and goes another year. A year with tears, smiles, pain, and laugher. A year that reflect on the things that we have learned while also learning new things. Another year that will bring highs and lows, unexpected events and things that go to plan. We will go out to the world with the […]

End of 2020

And so ends another year of pain and words that have flowed. Short stories have been finished, poetry has been written. What does the next year bring? Most likely more ideas and more enlightening for poetry. Also more letters will definitely be written and sent out. There will most likely still be unexpected turns and […]

I’m back 2.0/Letters

Hey guys, sorry I know I said I was back but then life happened and I got busy. I am honestly back, and to prove it I am going to jump in and pick your brain about something. Writing letters might seem old to us newer technology people. Yet I still love it. I love […]

I’m back

Hello fellow readers, I am sorry for the long absence. Quite a bit has been going on, which has been made harder because of the virus. Non the less I am back again. It hasn’t been all bad news during the pandemic though. I have gotten a few writing projects done. I have added a […]

E-book fiasco

Hey readers. I hope you all are staying safe during this hard time. I hope that you also are bored out of your minds. If you are here is the book for you to read. After a ton of fixing, going crazy, and questioning my career here it is. I bring you The Ink Inside […]

A question to the reader.

Hey guys sorry its been forever since I have uploaded. Things have been a little crazy on my end. This post is going to be a little different, because I have a question for you guys. Recently I had an idea for a story, which I did write out. However the idea made me just […]


So there is another misconception that people have and it’s really chewing on my nerves. When I tell people that I am a writer one of the question I always get asked is am I doing this for the money? If anyone knows anything about the writing world is that its not easy to get […]

Another year gone

So another year has come and gone. One of the hardest years of my life with a massive loss. A typical year with highs and lows, A year of creativity as well as frustration. I lost a family member who I was the closest with, yet I also put my book up for sale. I […]

Why a writer writes.

There are many things that can trigger a writers creative part of their mind. A story, a mood, a life event, etc. The one thing that a writer shouldn’t do is write because of a person. Every artist has their muse for any type of art but writers should never write because of a person. […]

Other posts/ Categorization

Hey guys first off not all of my posts are showing up here the rest of my blogs can be found here: https://personalityofawriter.blogspot.com/ Ok so I have been asked many times what type of genre I write. It’s really bothering me though because people think writers can only write one genre. I understand there are […]