Judgement Artists get.

So there is something that has bugged me with any type of creative field. A lot of people ask what the inspiration is. I know I have talked about this already in another post. This one is a little different, I think people think that the story behind a painting, picture, a piece of writing is a beautiful story. I have had people ask me what has inspired a story or poem of mine. When they find out its because of a serial killer or a sad story I can see the shock and usually they just say oh. It’s almost like when they expect you to say I was outside, it was beautiful and I was really at peace when I came up with the idea. You can tell when someone truly understands the stress and torment of a creative persons mind. They can understand when you say that you came up with an idea after hearing about a murder. They don’t judge you even if someone doesn’t say oh wow that’s weird you can tell when you are being judged. Since most of the people that judge aren’t creative people I don’t think they have a right to judge.

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