What writers want you to know

There are a lot of misconceptions about writers and I am here to clear them up right now. 

1. We are not always addicted to coffee. 
This is a myth of the fact that we all need to be jacked up on caffeine to be able to write.

2. Just because we can write doesn’t mean that we are geniuses.
Now I am not saying that writers are dumb by any means. But I have seen on movies and TV that writers seem to almost have a photographic memory. That is not how all writers are, now I am not saying that not all writers have it.

3. Writers are the most anti-social people you will ever meet.

People think writers are the type of person that will hardly talk to you and stay in their room addicted to their computer. Some writers are shy others are very outgoing, from what I have learned writers are usually the type to step back and observe. I am the type to sit back and watch a conversation and how people react. This might make writers sound like creepy people who hide in the bushes. We aren’t but watching people can either give us ideas for stories. Or it might give us ideas for characters for our stories.

4. All writers are crazy cat people.

This is not true I don’t know why people believe this or where this one even started. I think it goes hand in hand with the one that we have no friends, we are loners and constantly sad and unhappy. Which also isn’t true, I don’t understand why people think that because a lot of writers find great joy in writing. 

ok, guys, since you read this I am going to give you a bonus of one thing that is true about writers. Most of them are night owls, I know what you’re thinking its because we are so anti-social and all of that. No stop it, it’s not that at all. Whether you are at college or live at home even in your own apartment, day time is noisy. At college you have other responsibilities, at home, you might have annoying siblings. Even at your own place, you might have people making a lot of noise in the hallway. Writers like to be able to write in peace, and I don’t mean hear a pin drop quiet. I even play music when I write, but the fact that it’s quiet outside and the house is quiet makes for a calm atmosphere. I mean even now as I am writing this its past 4:30 am because that is how I like it. 

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