What not to do

Hello blog readers, today I am going to be talking about what not to do when writing. So without a further a do lets get started shall we?

1. Do not go overboard with details
What I mean with this is you need to add details. Otherwise it would be some stuff happened somewhere to some people?. But you also don’t want the details to be overwhelming to the point where it takes away from the dialogue. For example the couch was green and the carpet was white, there was a slight draft in the room. That is to much, you can say something like I walked into a drafty room with a odd color couch. But if you focus to much on the details your going to bore people and they will stop reading it. 

2. Do not use the same term over and over. 
It doesn’t matter if it is a paper, a story, or poem. You do not want to use the same phrase or saying in the paper. For example I am a writer. I am 20 years old. I am a baker. The repetitiveness is ridiculous and it is going to look like you have a poor vocabulary. I am not saying you need to have these super long words either. Just try to change it up a little bit. 

3. Do not drag on about one thing to the point where its boring.
If you talk about one thing until its to boring the people won’t read it. Having five paragraphs about one blanket is going to have people wanting to scream at it enough about this. Say you have two things to talk about, you are going to want to switch back and forth between the two topics. Don’t just talk about one topic and then about the other. Try to intertwine them, no matter how different the topics are. 

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