What inspires the story.

A question I know people ask is what is the inspiration behind the story. Writers might have a few ideas in their head but it’s not like we have a catalog of ideas in our head. To be a writer you have to be creative and just a little bit crazy to come up with the ideas. I have come up with some of my best ideas from the weirdest things, from songs to stories on the news. Then its about research on the topic, say its a horror story and we already have an idea of the main character. We might do research about murderers or crimes but that doesn’t mean that we are killers. 

Take Stephen kings the shinning for example, he wrote a story about the main character going crazy and trying to kill his family. Does that mean that Stephen King wants to murder his entire family at a creepy hotel in the middle of nowhere, no. I know in posts I have put that writers put their feelings into writings, which is true but that doesn’t mean its 100% feelings. Sometimes you have to rely more on creativity than feelings in your writing. 

Because a writer is creative they can be inspired by anything at all. They could take something that seems boring to you and turn it into a story that you can’t peel your eyes away from. For me, it has been song lyrics, news stories, a simple line of a story, to someone challenging me to come up with a story. If a writer gets an idea that seems like it’s from a weird topic don’t be freaked out. If we get an idea while eating cereal that doesn’t mean the story is going to be about cereal. 

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