Understanding the arts

The creative mind has always been misunderstood to those who are not creative. I have heard over the years of colleges and high school cutting art programs because they see them as pointless. It bothers me because even though I found out I could write on my own others don’t. If there was programs that these kids went through, they might be able to find a creative ability. 

Creative people always have it in them but they need some help sometimes to get started. I never would have started writing had I not had that dream. I think that if they had these art programs then there would be some more artistic people. Because they would have more of a chance to explore and take chances. I do know that there are some art schools that would put you a few life times in debt. There are some creative people that decide to not go to college, yet they get ridiculed and laughed at for. 

When I was doing my senior class during high school I was told if I didn’t go to college, my life would amount to nothing. Which hurt but I was able to ignore it because my drive to make it is so strong. We were talking about what colleges we applied to, what degree we were going after etc. When I told her that I wasn’t planning on going to college she thought I meant just for a year. A lot of kids take a year before starting college to take a bit of a break. When I explained that I was going to focus on my writing she basically told me that wasn’t practical. The real quicker in this situation… she was the art teacher at my school. You honestly think she would understand but I got over it, my writing club teacher believed in me. Now I am waiting for my copyright to come through so I can sell my first poetry/short story book. 

Now I understand not understanding some creative things. I have been to an art gallery and I’m not the type to say ok this is why the artist used this color. Do I understand it? no Do I criticize them and say that its pointless? no. I know that artists no matter what type it is, photography, painting, sculpting, writing, etc. I know that they put 100% into their work and I also know how much it hurts when people insult your art. When you are an artist its hard but if you keep hope in yourself, you will eventually get to where you want to be. 

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