To be a writer

To be a writer you need to have the patience to slowly bring a story together. You might have a great idea but it takes time to put that idea in the correct way. If it’s rushed then it’s not going to flow and your readers will be able to tell. Things like bad character development sticks out like a sore thumb when it comes to writing. It’s the equivalent to just writing, there were people, stuff happened, the end. No one wants to read that its plain, boring and dry.

You need to have the determination to keep going no matter what. You tell someone that you are going to be a writer, what do you think they are going to say way to go and give you a book deal. No, they won’t. They are going to laugh, make jokes, tell you to get a real job, etc. Now if someone says you can’t be a writer you can’t just throw your hands up and be like well ok then I tried. No, you need to be able to look at that person and say ok but know in your mind that you are going to prove them wrong. Trust me when you are able to prove them wrong its the best feeling in the world.

You need to be able to get out of your own head. I know what it’s like to think things like, is this writing for nothing, no one is going to like this, why am I doing this. Having that feeling of just wanting to throw your computer across the room. You either have to be able to stop those feelings or at least step away for your writing for a little bit. I know when you are on a writing kick it’s hard but sometimes its the only thing you can do. 

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