The writers Enemy

The ability to write is a gift just like any artistic talent. However just like a lot of things in life there is also a downside to everything. Being able to put things together like characters, dialogue, scenes etc. It’s not always the easiest thing though, because a bunch of ideas are constantly going through your mind. Some people might thing oh why does that matter, it matters because we can’t get it to stop. Imagine if the same word ran through your mind over and over and over again and you could get it to stop. That is the issue writers have an idea, or a scene will get stuck in our heads and drive us crazy. 

Having a creative mind is both wonderful and horrible at the same time. When you want to write and all the ideas are flowing it is great. When you want to sleep and all that goes through your head is ideas, that is when it tends to get a little annoying. It’s also a battle because there is no off switch in our brains to turn that off. The constant flow of ideas can draw some people to the brink of insanity. You need to know how to control it or at least how to manage it. I have had times where I have had to distract my mind to get it to shut down. I have heard about writers drinking, doing drugs, or isolating themselves all because the can’t handle their own mind. Since they don’t know how to deal with it they try to get it to stop with alcohol or drugs. Or they surrender to it and push everything else away so it’s just them and their writing.
Its a life long battle, but I think its worth it if you know how to handle it. Even when I have nagging ideas in my mind I still love writing. It’s just another thing that writers need to learn how to manage. How to manage when your mind becomes your worst enemy.  

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