The Writer

Hello, readers, I am the writer. I made a post a while ago about how I got into the art of writing. Like I said in the other post I got into it because of a dream. I haven’t really stopped since then doesn’t matter if its poems, short stories or books. I have taken a slight break over the two years but not by choice. Health issues have made it very hard to concentrate so I have taken a break. I have however recently gotten some good news. I applied for a copyright a while ago for my poetry/short story book. I got the news a while ago that I got approved. Very soon I should get the certificate and paperwork in the mail so that I can put the information in my book and put it up for sale.

I am very excited about this. I also want to use this as an example that no matter what people tell you, to keep going for what you love. I have been told my teachers and other people that writing will get me nowhere, that it would take to long and that you should get a real job. That it needs to just stay as a hobby. But everyone doubting me has just made me stronger when it comes to it. I won’t let people tell me I can’t do it just to throw my hands up and say your right. If someone is going to tell me I can’t do something like writing, I will have no problem looking them in the face and saying ‘I am going to prove you wrong.’ The fact that soon I will be able to prove those who didn’t believe me that I was right in my choices makes me so happy. 

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