So there is another misconception that people have and it’s really chewing on my nerves. When I tell people that I am a writer one of the question I always get asked is am I doing this for the money? If anyone knows anything about the writing world is that its not easy to get into. Not only that but that you don’t become a J.K Rowling right out of the gate.

Even if it was like that this isn’t why I am doing this. Writing for me has never been a get rich quick scheme. I think that any person who has a passion for writing that’s not what it is. If it is all about money then writing isn’t something you should try. Like I have written before if you don’t have feeling for it then your not going to put the emotions into the words. That will leave it bland and people aren’t going to want to read it.

I write not for the money because 1. that is just unrealistic 2. because that has never been a priority in my life. I write because I love it I love doing it. It’s fun, stressful, exciting and calming all at once. I know anyone who is a writer understands what I mean. If I make money its a bonus but its not the main thing that I am looking for with this. I write just because I enjoy it.

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